Monday, June 24, 2013

Have you been to Z-Burger? It's delicious (and they have a fence up)

While Z-Burger at 3301 14th St NW has been open for some time, I hadn't checked it out yet. The other day I went with a buddy, and was really impressed. I got a hot dog with Z sauce, fries and a mango-kiwi milkshake and my buddy get a bacon burger. Everything was delicious.

The hot dog was split and grilled and the Z Sauce, which is sort of a tangy mayo-ish thing, was good. The fries are tasty too but not as greasy as Five Guys, and my buddy really enjoyed the burger. He's from California and said it was the closest he's had to an In-n-Out burger -- high praise. 

The shake was quite tasty too, very fresh and fruity. It wasn't particularly mango-kiwi-tasting, but was really good and tropical. And they have 75 flavors, which is pretty great.

And you may remember the fence saga -- the company wanted to install a permanent fence to enclose their sidewalk seating, while the city disagreed. It led to the business opening much later than they anticipated. When I was there I saw a movable fence in place, so I expect sidewalk seating to come soon.

Their milkshake window at the corner of 14th and Park is open now too, so you can get one to go. Maybe a good way to counteract your healthy purchase at the Columbia Heights Community Marketplace!

I'll definitely be back. Have you been? What do you think?

I didn't notice any ghosts, however.


  1. I love Z Burger. We usually go to the one in Tenleytown, glad there's now one closer to home. I usually get a double cheeseburger and a beverage. The double burger will totally fill you up! Their fries are good and copious, I never need more than one or two, so I usually skip the fries and steal one or two from my dining companions.

    This walk up shake window sounds too tempting to resist, especially on such a miserably hot day as today!

  2. I have only been to the one in Tenleytown if I'm in that area. I'm glad to see this one getting a lot of business especially since, last I remember, a lot of places that used to be there did not last that long. I like their Fries, but haven't had their Burgers yet. Fries reminded me of what you'd expect at Five Guys.


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