Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Yikes: Mi Casita Bakery shut down for health violations, operating illegally

Well, this didn't go well. Mi Casita Bakery, the new Latino bakery that opened in the space of the old (and extremely sketchy) Carolina Market, was recently shut down indefinitely for health code violations.

But that's not all -- WUSA reports that the violations included no working sink in the kitchen, no plan to deal with sick employees, and worst of all, no actual license to sell food.

But it gets worse! Apparently WUSA caught them reopening twice despite being shut down, tearing off the city's health code violation, and along the way workers tried to stop WUSA from filming. After the first time, they called the city, who came to shut it down again.

Hey, guys, that's not how things work.

This is a shame, because I was pretty excited about this place. Carolina Market was a truly bizarre place, there was never anything for sale there, it was always dark and sketchy, and the random people in there seemed confused the couple times I came in to see if they had any beer or snacks.

I believe it was a front for some kind of shady activity, and had hoped that the bakery, which had pretty tasty baked goods when I went there a couple months ago, was a step forward. It sounds like that's not the case, or at the very least the people running it have no idea how to run a business.

A friend spotted a permit to fix the plumbing though, so at least it sounds like they're addressing it. Maybe. Here's WUSA's report, below and they have a photo gallery here.

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  1. This place had a brand new permanent sign above the door, as of this morning, replacing the one for the former business. I'm not sure if they ordered it before all this trouble and couldn't return it, or if this is a sign that they'll be open again soon.


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