Thursday, May 30, 2013

Volunteers needed for youth workshops and training at CentroNia! Help out

If you'd like to help out in the community, here's a great option -- CentroNia, a great local organization that works with youth and families on education and nutrition, is looking for volunteers to help with their summer youth program. Here's more info!

Volunteers for CentroNía
Volunteers needed to help out with afternoon workshops and Friday field trips during the summer! CentroNía is a nationally recognized, multicultural learning community with a pioneering approach to bilingual education. It is located in Columbia Heights and has been serving the community since 1986. This summer, CentroNía will be receiving nearly 60 youth through DC’s Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) between July 1st-August 9th. We need volunteers to assist us with running fun, creative afternoon workshops Mon-Thurs and taking field trips to interesting places in DC on Fridays.
Experience working with youth desired. Bilingual in English/Spanish preferred, but not required. If interested, contact the Youth Program Coordinator Brendan Hughes or 202-332-4200, ext. 1027, as soon as possible.

Voluntarios para CentroNía
¡Se necesitan voluntarios durante el verano para ayudar con talleres por la tarde y excursiones los viernes! CentroNía es una organización multicultural de aprendizaje, acreditada a nivel nacional, enfocada en educación bilingüe. Está localizada en Columbia Heights y ha servido a la comunidad desde el 1986. Este verano, CentroNía recibirá casi 60 jóvenes a través del Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) de DC entre el 1 de julio-9 de agosto. Necesitamos voluntarios para ayudarnos con talleres divertidos y creativos por la tarde de lunes a jueves, y excursiones a lugares interesantes en DC los viernes.
Buscamos personas, preferiblemente, con experiencia trabajando con jóvenes;  bilingües en inglés/español, preferible pero no es requisito. Si está interesado(a), comuníquese con el Coordinador del Programa de Jóvenes, Brendan Hughes, lo más pronto posible a o 202-332-4200, ext. 1027.

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