Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Hilltop, new American restaurant/German beer spot coming to Sherman and Girard, making some progress

As you may recall, the Sherman Avenue streetscape improvements look great -- and now you'll have a place to enjoy them. The Hilltop, a new American restaurant and bar coming to a long vacant building at 2737  Sherman Ave NW. PoP reports it's owned by two folks with connections to the Saloon on U Street: Sam Jahabeen, nephew of the Saloon's owner, and Kaleabe Getaneh, the manager and former waiter.

Like the Saloon, which is a relaxed place with a focus on Belgian beer, the Hilltop will have a focus on German beer -- so expect big glasses and steins of things like Kostritzer black lager (my go-to at the Saloon), hefeweizens, Oktoberfest beers and the like.

If you've been to the Saloon, you've probably seen Kaleabe, he's the super nice guy with dreadlocks who works most days, sometimes in the main floor and sometimes upstairs. He mentioned to me a few years ago that he was looking to open a place in the neighborhood, so it's great to see it happen for him! 

PoP says they're looking at a spring/summer opening and they'll also have outdoor seating and a big window that opens all the way, similar to El Chucho. According to the vacant property map I posted last week, the spot is "blighted-unregistered," so I hope that has been addressed by the building's owners (who are different than the restaurant's owners.) It will be nice to get a long-abandoned property filled, and it's pretty much the only place to eat or drink on Sherman right now, so that's great.

A reader sent me this photo today, showing that they're already making progress -- they've put up bricks in front of the cinder blocks that used to be on the front facade.


  1. This is really exciting, the Sherman street area could really use it!

  2. I can look out my window and see this place. Awesome for 2 reasons; 1) I get a new restaurant in my neighborhood, and 2) having a restaurant by your house helps your property values more than having an abandoned bldg.


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