Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Arf: residents working to fix up 11th and Park dog park, but WMATA needs to say OK

Site of Unofficial Dog Park

The 11th and Park dog park has long been a (semi-official) place to take Spuds, Fido and Rex to do their business and run around. However, the park, which is technically WMATA property but which has been open for dogs and their people, is a bit worse for the wear.

Some local residents are getting together to form a Friends of Columbia Heights Dog Park in order to work with WMATA and get some of the issues addressed. One of the groups organizers told DCist that they're hoping to put down some new ground material, a new gate, closing small areas and creating enforceable rules.

"We're totally willing to do all the work, but need guidance and input from [WMATA] to ensure they still have all the access they need to do what they do."

The group also a quick survey on their website for community input.

They'll be discussing the group at the June 10th meeting of the North Columbia Heights Civic Association, which will meet at the Trolley Turnaround Park (11th and and Monroe.)

Photo by Mr. T in DC

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