Monday, April 1, 2013

Stripping karaoke to launch soon at Ruby Tuesday

This is pretty interesting. Ruby Tuesday at 14th and Monroe has launched a new promotion, which they're calling Stripaoke Tuesdays -- on Tuesdays they'll be hosting karaoke, but with stripping.

Basically you sign up, pick a song and then strip to it on Tuesday nights from 9pm to close. It's sort of your opportunity to be a stripper for that song you always wanted to dance to -- maybe it's a song you like or a love song or maybe something really ridiculous, like Weird Al or "I Come From a Land Down Under" -- up to you.

It'll be unisex with both men and women stripping, so it's some Striptease, some Magic Mike (and probably some The Full Monty.) Everybody gets drink and food specials during the promotion, and the Stripaokers get a free salad bar! Pretty sweet deal.

While this is certainly a weird idea, it's certainly unique. They're going to be firm about spectators being supportive, which is good, it would be pretty mortifying to be out there getting naked and people are booing or throwing things (aside from money, I guess, that would be ok.)

I'm not sure of the rules on this but it may be that you have to keep your underwear on. We'll see, I look forward to checking it out tomorrow!


  1. Happy April Fools Day to you, too, New Columbia Heights.

  2. I am completely outraged, I cannot believe someone would bring garbage like this to my neighborhood! I have participated in 100+ Stripaoke events in the DMV and beyond, and never EVER have I been told to keep my underwear on! Ruby Tuesday, the residents of Columbia Heights will tell YOU whether we are keeping our underwear on, not the other way around. I urge all Columbia Heights residents and Stripaoke enthusiasts to join me in telling Ruby Tuesday that they do not make the rules in OUR neighborhood!


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