Friday, April 5, 2013

Six feet under: weird hearse parked at 14th and Park with feet sticking out

The other day I was walking at 14th and Park and spotted an older hearse parked outside the Z-Burger. That's a little unusual, but there are a couple of funeral homes up the street. However, this one made me do a double-take as I spotted a pair of shoes up against the back window, as if a corpse was in there and the driver went to get a burger.

However, upon further inspection it looks like just a pair of shoes propped against the window, probably to get people to look. (It worked!) In the window of the hearse there was a little printed sign for "Lucky Stiff Funeral Home," which is obviously too funny to be a real funeral home, pllus the license plate reads "Eighty 6," as in dead.

So somebody has a sense of humor in the neighborhood. I wonder who drives it?


  1. Thew owner often parks it up on the top of the parking deck when he presumably shops at Giant

  2. That is Steve's. He works in the industry and drinks in the neighborhood. Great guy.

  3. works in what industry?

  4. Hey--That's Mine!

    I bought it drunk one night on ebay about 5 years ago.

    I use it for f__king & camping. I finally got to camp in it!

  5. That's Steve's. Local pervert and drunkbut not necessarily in that order. I expect to be sued for libel, but unfortunately for him, one of the elements that must be proved is that I wrote the defamatory remark knowing it was false...

    ...but it's true.


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