Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sherman Avenue streetscape project almost done, looking really nice!


The Sherman Avenue Streetscape Project, which is fixing up a dreary, ugly stretch of Sherman Avenue from about Barry Place (near Florida Ave) to Otis Place, is going really well. Finished up to Morton, it really looks nice -- like a planned boulevard that was just built in some new area of town. The sidewalks are nice and new and wider with little plant boxes, the gutters are fixed up, the pavement is new and not cracked all over the place, and the median strip has some tree seedlings and other plants. There are also new trash cans and some bike racks, wider lanes, and "sharrows" for biking (those are the arrows that make it more evident that bikes can share the road.)

It really makes the area look 100% better. The website for the plan is out of date (it says Oct. 2012 for a completion date) but it's almost done, with just about a block to go. Nice to see this, and I'd bet Sherman residents are happy with -- especially since all the dirt, noise and construction equipment are almost gone.

Do you live around Sherman? What do you think of it? 


  1. After months of harrowing and dangerous crossings at Sherman and Lamont, I will be very glad when the project is complete. It looks very nice, but I wish they would have done more to ensure pedestrian safety throughout the project.

  2. I don't think the sharrows will prove to be sufficient safety-wise for cyclists. On a normal road (without and built-in median), cars have plenty of room to pass a cyclist, even if they're taking the lane (which is their right!).

    On this road, though, the median precludes that. Cars will have to wait behind cyclists, and someone, eventually, will get all road-ragey and try to pass a cyclist too closely, leading to an injury. (Chances are that car will be an SUV with Maryland license plates.)

    The city should have given cyclists dedicated lanes (on the curb, with parking in between cyclists and travel lanes for cars). Instead, everyone gets a half-solution.

    Too bad.

  3. It's nice. I wish they would have planted more native trees, but it's much more attractive now. Something tells me this plus the new bar at Girard may start to turn Sherman Ave into a Thing.

  4. IMGoph, I watched a cyclist easily ride past a moving cement mixer truck this morning. I think they are little bigger than any SUV on the road. There is plenty of room for both cars and bikes on the this road without anyone taking the whole lane.

  5. IMGoph - yes the city should cater to the needs of cyclists...even when they run stop signs/red lights and create a dangerous situation for everyone. We should not blame the beloved cyclist.

  6. Unyielding zero-sum ideologues like IMGoph forget that dedicated bike lanes become jogger lanes and put you right in the path of car doors. And then all the drivers think you have no right to ride anywhere else if there's a lane. I'd rather take my chances with the cars.

  7. "Unyielding zero-sum ideologues like IMGoph"

    Good lord, the proprietor of this blog asked me to comment here because he thought maybe I could add to the conversation. I just get attacked.

    Sorry, Andrew, but if this is what passed for vibrant, open discussion, count me out.


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