Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New funnel cake food truck, Reba's, to be parked on 14th Street after work!

It looks like I'm about to be 600 pounds. Last week I spotted a funnel cake food truck parked at 14th and Irving outside the CVS. (I actually smelled it about a block away first.) It was back yesterday evening so I went to chat with the folks.

The truck, called Reba's, is fairly new, and they said they'll parked there every weekday after work, and some weekends. It was about 6:30 when I saw them pulling up, but on Friday they were there earlier. Other times they'll be roaming around the city, like most food trucks. I didn't have any funnel cake, but it smelled pretty amazing.

They also have a Facebook page and Twitter (although the Twitter account hasn't been used in awhile.)

By my count, this is the third food truck I've seen parked in the neighborhood, not counting special events: the Middle Eastern truck that used to sit outside Chipotle, the tasty Mexican sandwich truck El Farolito sometimes on 14th north of Irving, and now this one. I say the more, the merrier!

I'm actually fairly surprised that more trucks don't set up around 11th Street on weekend nights, or 14th Street on weekends. I'd sure go there.

Here's a flyer too (click it for a bigger version.)

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