Monday, April 15, 2013

Moving soon? NCH readers can save $50 on Unpakt, a new price comparison site for moving companies

This is pretty neat: we just got a deal for readers on, a new company that lets you compare reviews and prices for moving companies, then book online. It's sort of like Expedia or Kayak but for moving.

The deal is that exclusively for New Columbia Heights readers, you can get a $50 instate rebate if you book by 6/30/13 and enter "NCH50" as your promo code. Pretty nice of them to set that up for our readers.

The site is available in DC and around the country, and it's been written about in the New York Times, Forbes, Tech Crunch and elsewhere. Here's a bit more from them on how the site works plus some moving tips.

How Unpakt works:
  1. Plan: Enter your move basics: when/where you're moving, if you have stairs, what you're moving, whether you want professional packing, etc.

  2. Compare: See exact prices from reputable DC moving companies based on your move basics. Compare movers side-by-side with prices, customer reviews, services and more. 

  3. Book: Lock in your guaranteed price and relax! The only way your price will change is if you change your inventory or conditions.

Money-Saving Tips for Moving:

- Spring is a great time to move! Summer is the busy season, so if you're planning a move in the upcoming months, be sure to plan ahead. Last minute planning may leave you without a mover or squeeze you into a tight schedule.

- Avoid the 1st, 15th and 30th/31st of the month and be flexible with your date/time if you can. You may find a better price if you can adjust your schedule around the mover's availability. 

- Measure twice, move once! If you can't fit your couch, don't spend money on moving it.

- Prepare for post-move costs ahead of time by simply thinking ahead. Contact your new utility company, purchase cleaning supplies in advance, etc.

- Consider recycled boxes or rent plastic bins instead of purchasing new cardboard boxes.

- Use as much luggage as you can when packing - you can quickly fill duffel bags and suitcases with "don't forget" items that could get lost in boxes for days. 


  1. love it - moving to dupont soon. this is great.

  2. I'm launching a new company this week in DC that rents plastic moving boxes. It's called Elf Boxes and the website is . I live in columbia heights and would love to meet up with you to talk about it if you are available.

  3. Can you email me? newcolumbiaheights(at)gmail[dot]com

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