Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Help fight sex trafficking in the area -- two events on April 9

While this is out of the neighborhood, it addresses a local issue. A few times I've written here about prostitution rings in the neighborhood getting broken up, often with women from overseas.

It's an important issue, and here are some ways to help: the White Umbrella Campaign is having a couple of events in the city. Here's more about the organization and the events. Hope you can check them out.
As you may know, D.C. is one of the top 14 cities for sex trafficking in the US according to a 2005 FBI report. We are working with a recognized leader in the anti-sex trafficking world, Wellspring Living, to put on several city stops for The White Umbrella Campaign to share and motivate about the vision to rescue, restore and renew victims in America. We have partnered with D.C.-based Shared Hope International to educate, encourage and empower communities to take a stand against the issue and walk with survivors of sex trafficking in your city.

The White Umbrella Campaign brings together local organizations, churches, law enforcement and community leaders currently working together to confront the issue through two events: a community round table and a gathering of the faith community on April 9. The schedule of events is as follows:

April 9:8 a.m. -- Community Round Table

  • Will serve to unite and connect all sectors of the community to raise awareness and action against sexual exploitation, the morning will bring together key decision makers, local authorities/law enforcement, and others.  
  • Location: Ebenezer’s Coffee House
                       201 F St NE
7 p.m. -- White Umbrella Campaign at National Community Church

  • Educate community on how they can be involved; hear first-hand accounts; music by 714 Live Worship band
  • Location: National Community Church's Miracle Theater on Barracks Row
                       535 8th Street SE

The campaign website is and will visit other cities like Sarasota/Tampa, Dallas, San Diego, Minneapolis, LA and more. Mary Frances Bowley, founder of Wellspring Living, authored a book entitled THE WHITE UMBRELLA: Walking With Survivors of Sex Trafficking (Moody Publishing, 2012) which serves as an active resource in leaders in the fight against this form of human injustice.


  1. People reading this who care about human rights/human trafficking should know that the problem is not just limited to sex and "rescuing" women who need "saving."

    I am a social worker in this field and in the DC area, for example, there have been dozens of cases of domestic workers (nannies and maids) who have reported human trafficking for forced labor, but their stories don't rile up saviors on white horses or umbrellas or whatever.

    Across the US the problem includes modern-day slavery in agriculture, construction, restaurant work, and other low-wage industries where victims, because they don't fit the sex-focused mold propagated by media and politicians, blend into the background and aren't able to escape for sometimes years.

    All I am saying is, if this article caught your attention, great, but dig deeper into the whole story of human trafficking.

  2. Thanks for that comment, certainly a good point. I hope people do learn more about it, I'm just posting that this is something out there.

  3. yup! I'm just "supplementing" :)


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