Sunday, April 7, 2013

D'Vines to start filling growlers of beer in a few weeks

If you're a beer fan you're in luck. I stopped by D'Vines yesterday and saw they had a set-up in the works to fill growlers, the reusable half-gallon beer bottles. The guy at the counter said they hope to be using them to sell beer in about 3 weeks.

So how does this work? They're selling the new bottles for $6 and you'll get 50 cents off each time you fill it up. There looked to a couple rotating kegs, and the prices will vary based on the beer, but roughly $10. Growlers have a number of benefits: for one the beer is fresher, and it's also good for the environment since you're reusing it.

D'Vines is at 3103 14th St NW.

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  1. Saw that today, looks awesome. The guy today said they could have up to 34 different beers going at the same time. Can't wait!
    - Gina F


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