Thursday, March 7, 2013

Is your vanity license plate banned by the DC DMV?

This is only tangentially related to Columbia Heights, but I am having an awesome time with it. The city recently released their list of banned vanity license plates, fully 26,000, ranging from the obvious COJONES and SEXPERT to more puzzling ones like WYTBRED and NATSFAN. Not sure why those last two would be banned.

It's a hilarious list to read though -- some of them are so ridiculous and some you wonder why anybody would want them at all. Who would pay money to drive around with BUTTHED, HOGNUTZ or PENUS on their car? I guess they're pretty funny because they're so absurd, but I dunno.

Yahoo did something awesome with the list, though: they made a little app where you can type in a vanity plate and see if it's banned. Enjoy! (The first ones I tried, naturally, were BUTT and FART. Both banned, though BOOGER is ok!)


  1. Um, "WYTBRED" is banned because it is pretty racist.

  2. Well, but if you chose to name yourself WYTBRED as a white person, that doesn't seem too bad.

  3. Yeah, WYTBRED is about aryan breeding, so it would be a white person putting it on their license plate to show their support of white supremacy. So, yeah, still pretty racist.

  4. Really? Wow, never knew that. Guess those DMV know their stuff.


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