Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Reader question: Where can you buy a record player?

I recently got this question, and it's something I've been trying to figure out too: where can you get a record player? I tried Best Buy, to no avail, and the local record stores like Som, Crooked Beat and Red Onion all in the Adams Morgan/U Street areas didn't have any.

I even tried Mom & Pop Antiques, the cool store at 3534 Georgia Ave NW, and they had one old one, but it didn't work too well. (Side note: make sure to visit them, it's a really cool little store. Lots of interesting stuff there, friendly staff and a bunch of records for sale.)

So after that, I'm pretty much out of ideas, aside from Craigslist. Any other ideas for local spots to pick up a record player? New or old would be fine, but a big old one would be especially cool.


  1. Som records had 3-4 used turntables for sale when I was there two weeks ago. If you want a new one you can find them at Urban Outfitters and even Crate and Barrel sells them (odd isn't it?). You can also try Graffiti Audio-Video on Wisconsin Ave. They've been around for a long time and if they don't have a model in your price range they will order one for you. Otherwise go with amazon or if you want audiophile, got with Music Direct.

  2. I got mine at Som a couple years ago, but they're a bit expensive and they generally have low supply. You could also try your luck at the Goodwill on Columbia Pike, as they usually have a lot of stereo/speaker equipment and records.

    Either that, or get a new one online. If you're new to records, this might be your best bet, since old ones are finicky and can have issues that require some mechanical knowhow, and I'm not sure if there's any turntable repair shops left in the area.

  3. It really depends what your price range is. If you're looking for something old or used or cheap, I'd try Ebay, Goodwill, Amazon. If you want something a bit nicer and are willing to spend $300+, and want to shop locally you should try Deja Vu Audio in Mclean, VA (new and used) or Gifted Listener Audio in Centreville (new only).

    There is a website like ebay but exclusively for hi-fi audio equipment called Audiogon (that I've personally used to great success) that I would also check out.

    You might try a Rega RP1 turntable.

  4. Joint Custody in AM usually has a rack of vintage stereo gear for sale. Otherwise eBay, craigslist, or go new. This is a budget-priced turntable that's been getting a lot of press lately. I think they're supposed to be shipping within a few months:

  5. Ebay is your friend here - especially if you want a deal. There are lots of people with failed DJ aspirations looking to offload lightly used equipment.

  6. I could have sworn I saw some turntable's with USB at Best Buy/Target designed for transferring your vinyl collection to digital; even included software for the task. No doubt not the highest quality, but an option.

  7. urban outfitters, gallery place or georgetown

  8. Crosley has some cool record players that have USB ports and other "nowadays" features. I really want the Crosley Spinnerette and may get it some day when I'm feeling not broke.

    Here's the site:


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