Friday, February 22, 2013

Parkwood Place triple shooter convicted: help get him sent away for a long time

This is good news. You may remember the double homicide/triple shooting that happened in the 1400 block of Parkwood Place in July, 2011. The shooting resulted in two deaths and a third man being injured, and was apparently over an early morning craps game. Police arrested a suspect a couple of months later, and now we hear that he's been convicted. Nice to hear that.

You can also be a part of this -- the community is allowed to submit what are called "community impact statements" for sentencing, which basically talk about why and how this crime has impacted our area. It's a way to demonstrate that you think somebody should be punished. If you'd like to know more about the crime and to submit a statement, read on:
Dear Neighbors and Friends,

Irving Harris Johnson was convicted yesterday of killing Dominique Barbour and Jimmie Lee Simmons III and critically wounding Anthony Thomas. Johnson shot the three victims on July 9, 2011 in the 1400-block of Parkwood Place NW.

Links to related news stories and information:

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Community members can now submit community impact statements in this case. Please let me know if I can assist you in doing this, or contact the US Attorney's Office for more information. Sentencing is scheduled for April 23, 2013.

Cecilia Jones
Coordinator, Community Criminal Justice Accountability Initiative (CCJAI)
202-299-7868 (cell)

CCJAI: Protecting the Next Victim is Everyone's Responsibility

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