Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Help expand the Pleasant Plains Workshop, a cool local gallery/art space

The Pleasant Plains Workshop, a cool art gallery and venue, has been open for about about 2 years at 2608 Georgia Avenue NW. Since opening, they've held a lot of neat art exhibits, readings, events, classes, and hosted artists-in-residence. They're also a great place to shop for gifts, like artwork, shirts, and jewelry (or maybe just gifts for yourself.)

Now after 2 years, they're looking to expand into the building next door. The current space is quite small, and more room would mean more space for more classes, events, workshop space for artists, exhibitions, and more.

They have a website where you can help fund the expansion, which is partially tax deductible, and you also get some cool perks for helping out -- t-shirts, prints, classes, and so on. (The idea is similar to Kickstarter, if you're familiar with that site.) See below for some of what they're planning, and check out the site for more specific plans -- they've broken down the costs, so you know exactly what you're helping with.

So read on, view the video below, and donate! They're a great organization and I look forward to seeing them around a lot more. I'm also looking forward to my new "Georgia Ave is for Lovers" t-shirt!

Pleasant Plains Workshop: Version 2.0

Pleasant Plains Workshop is a shared studio space, classroom, gallery and retail outlet for local artists in Washington, DC. It was founded in 2010 by DC-based artist, Kristina Bilonick. In January of 2013, the Workshop took on the building adjacent to its existing location. Over the next few months, they will be building a state-of-the art screen printing studio so that they can provide space for more artists to work, and present more exhibitions and classes to the community. The workshop's current location will become solely the retail and gallery component offering goods created by resident artists and other local artists and artisans.

Since its opening, the space has quickly become a hub of the neighborhood- offering 6 art exhibitions a year, a variety of programs and classes, and wide variety of handmade items by dc artists and artisans. Almost everyone who visits the space goes on to become a regular at PPW gatherings and events.

With the funds raised on this platform, we will be able to take our Workshop to the next level, offering more opportnities for local artists, and more  exhibitions and programs that our community can come by and enjoy!
And thanks to our Fiscal Sposor, Fractured Atlas, your donations are partially Tax Deductible! (minus the cost of the perk)


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