Thursday, February 21, 2013

City Paper's Best of DC is here: vote for Columbia Heights places!

It's that time of the year again, the City Paper is holding their annual Best of DC poll.

Unlike previous years, the categories generally make a lot of sense, unlike 2011, although there are a couple hundred of them. They're all write-in, but of course you don't have to vote for all of them, and they also let you start it and resume later (assuming you aren't at work, I got a weird message about that.)

Some suggestions I'd give would be BloomBars for best arts and culture nonprofit, Lion Liquors or my favorite, CC's for best liquor store, D'Vines for best beer store, The Bike House for best place to get your bike fixed, all the local bars and restaurants, and if you're feeling exceptionally charitable, maybe this one blog for best local blogger.

Check it out, and vote for your favorite neighborhood spots! Got any other suggestions for places you voted for?

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