Monday, January 7, 2013

New Tibet Shop at 3213 Georgia Avenue NW: worth a visit

Tibet Shop

The other day I stopped into Tibet Shop, a new spot at 3213 Georgia Avenue NW. The shop is a branch of the shop of the same name on 18th Street in Adams Morgan and they sell Tibetan, Himalayan and other Far Eastern goods.

I wish I thought about this place before Christmas, as it would have been a great place to get some neat gifts. In any case, it would make a great place for gifts or things for your house.

The spot isn't very large, but is packed with items: clothing from t-shirts to scarves and shawls and saris, (though I'm not sure if they call them saris in Tibet,) all kinds of crafts made out of wood, metal, and pottery, posters, incense, fabric art, handbags, jewelry, Tibetan music, carpets, ritual items, masks, and on and on. And since it's the season, they also have knit winter hats with ear flaps and glittens, those fingerless gloves with retractable mittens. Everything was pretty reasonably priced, too.

The guy in the shop was friendly, and I definitely want to go back. I recommend you check it out too!

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