Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Interesting concept: the Columbia Heights "Dishcrawl" or food tour

You've heard of bar crawls, where you go from bar to bar and have a drink or two in each spot -- and our neighborhood is well positioned for them, with so many places in close proximity. However, I recently heard about a "dishcrawl," or more properly the Columbia Heights Food Tour, where you visit four different eateries in the neighborhood. A fun idea. Some friends recently did a similar pizza tour, going from Moroni Bros. to Red Rocks to Pete's Apizza, but that was just an informal thing.

The Dishcrawl has 4 tickets left at $45 each, and they don't say the restaurants ahead of time, so it's a surprise. They're supposedly giving hints on their Twitter account, @DishcrawlDC but I have yet to see any.

In any case, here's a bit more on the concept from their website (where you can also get the tickets.)
A culinary destination for in-the-know foodies, Columbia Heights offers the perfect ingredient for a flavorful and sensory experience. On Wednesday, January 23, join us as we tour four Columbia Heights eateries where you'll taste specialties from local favorites and up-and-coming hotspots. Don’t wait, get your ticket now!
About Dishcrawl : Food, Fun, and Exploration! We here at Dishcrawl aim to provide you with a premier culinary social experience by bringing together neighborhood restaurants, local chefs, regional food producers and fellow food enthusiasts. Join us if you'd like to embark on a one-of-a-kind gastronomic adventure!
Any guesses as to where they might go? Room 11, Chez Billy, and Meridian Pint come to mind. Maybe Maple or El Chucho. 

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