Thursday, January 10, 2013

Help Rock Creek's trees on Friday!

A few weeks ago I posted about the Rock Creek Conservancy holding an event to help trees in Rock Creek Park -- the trees are getting strangled by non-native English ivy, and they need your help to get rid of those invasive British jerks! Here's more:
Join Rock Creek Conservancy and the National Park Service to save trees from the chokehold of English ivy. This invasive vine grows up the trunks of trees into the canopy, weakening and eventually killing park trees. Volunteers will cut ivy from tree trunks using hand tools. Training on how to identify and cut English ivy will be provided. Bring your friends and family or just come out yourself!

Volunteers must be 16 and up to use tools. Younger volunteers can pick up trash and pull vines by hand. Students can earn SSL hours.
Date: Friday, January 11, 1:00 to 3:00 
Location: We will be working in the beautiful Normanstone section of Rock Creek Park in Washington, DC. The Normanstone event volunteers will meet at the intersection of Massachusetts and Observatory Circle, in front of the British Embassy.
 What to Wear: Please dress for the weather by wearing long pants and a long sleeve shirt. Dressing in layers is the best option. Wear sturdy boots or sneakers, no sandals.
 What to Bring: Bring water. Tools and gloves will be provided. Feel to bring your own hand clippers and loppers.

This event is part of a Rock Creek Conservancy initiative to protect Rock Creek's tree canopy from invasive English ivy. Learn more. We're working with the National Park Service and the DC Cooperative Weed Management Area.
To Register Click Here!

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