Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The results are in! Cimino, Grosso and Orange win, Lenwood Johnson, Michael Brown lose

The election results are in, and there are a few surprises. For at-large council, incumbent Michael A. Brown was defeated, while newcomer David Grosso and old-timer Vincent Orange won. Brown had a number of financial issues, including allegations of mismanaging funds in a non-profit and getting $100,000 stolen from his campaign.

In the ANC races, for the most part incumbents won, though Anthony Cimino defeated Lenwood Johnson in ANC 1A10 -- you may recall that Lenwood has been in a lot of trouble, capped off by revelations that he used his government-provided phone to call adult chat lines. I'm happy about this one, Cimino seems like a good guy and Lenwood was a joke.

In other ANCs, Patrick Flynn beat incumbent Bill Brown in ANC 1A06, Zahra Jillani won a close one in ANC 1B12, by a mere 18 votes, and otherwise the incumbents or sole candidates won.

The three charter amendments passed, all related to kicking out elected officials if they are convicted of a felony or engage in "gross misconduct" and won't be able to hold that office again -- all clearly a response to the scandals with Mayor Vince Gray and former Council chair Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown.

In other news, the Libertarian Party gained major party status thanks to getting more than 10,000 votes against Eleanor Holmes Norton in the congressional delegate race, though Holmes Norton won soundly.

Oh, and President Obama won.

Here are the full results for all the races in DC.

In all, it seems like a good night for DC -- the candidates who I think are the best mostly won, and the ballot measures passed easily. But that's my opinion, what do you think?

UPDATE: I titled this post incorrectly -- it said Gallo rather than Grosso. Vickey Wright-Smith beat Alexander Gallo in ANC 1A02. My apologies.


  1. Thanks Andrew. I think you meant to refer to Grosso rather than to Gallo in the headline, though. Gallo lost ANC 1A02 to Wright-Smith.

  2. Right you are, thanks. Fixing now.

  3. Sorry for this late comment, but I was part of the Obama ground game and just getting back to DC. I am still impressed by Cimino win, and wondering why the media and activists who were so obsessed with gentrification, yet refuse to cover the dynamic of how elderly voters, hipsters and others joined forces to defeat Lenwood Johnson. This man was like a recurring rash. No matter what he did, he was never punished by the city and never turned out of office. You can say this was white residents. The margin of victory meant MANY blacks put him out. I think it's the story of the year in local politics, not Michael Brown because this about a particular community's change with two candidates going head to head.


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