Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Do you have Internet issues? What are some good options?

I've gotten a few different questions recently from friends and readers about Internet service in the neighborhood -- what are your thoughts? Any recommendations, or recommendations of what to avoid? I've heard some good things about Clear, but don't know much about it or other providers.

Here's one of the readers' questions.
I'm new to the area and I have Comcast for internet. The connection is quite poor. Cuts out often, and there are times when I can't even check my email. One of my roommates has a PC and his internet is fine. My other roommate and I have macs and our connections are slow and inconsistent. Anyone else have similar issues?
What are your thoughts and recommendations!? What are some good service providers aside from Comcast?


  1. I have Comcast with Macs and it's rock solid. I would suggest your reader try a different wifi router(they can be really flaky) . The Apple Airport Express router is expensive, but totally worth it in my opinion.

    If that doesn't help, he can try Comcast support, though in my experience they aren't terribly helpful or knowledgeable. But they can at least check the line signal quality.

  2. I think the OP needs to troubleshoot their household networking gear before they start blaming their internet provider. The big red flag is that one roommate's internet/ PC is fine while the other 2 are not.

    Go through these steps to troubleshoot:
    First, call comcast and have them do a "ping" of your hardware and see if the speeds sent to the cable modem seem in line with what you are paying for. This will confirm if internet speed to the house is acceptable. Next you need to check the wireless modem connected to the cable modem. Is it more than a couple of years old? Maybe you should consider getting a more modern one with better data speeds/ wireless distance. Is it password protected to protect against neighbors stealing internet (and your bandwith)? If not, password protect it and give the passwords to your roommates. Lastly, the distance to your router is important, especially if its a older wireless router. If your roommate is close, naturally they will have the best connection. If you are in the basement and the wireless modem is on another floor in the back of the house, then that will slow your data speeds significantly. See if you could move the cable modem/ wireless router to a more central location in the house so that everyone is equidistant or at least, get it on a higher floor or spot with the least amount of floors/ walls that could reduce the effective wireless distance... Hope that helps! Good luck!

  3. Throw away your overpriced, underpowered junk, mactards.

  4. Verizon has worked great for us over the past 18 months. We have a typical wireless router w/a DSL phone connection.


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