Friday, November 2, 2012

Better Know Your ANC Candidates: ANC 1B08

The twelfth in our Better Know Your ANC Candidates series is fightin' ANC 1B08, which you can see at right.

ANC 1B08 is currently represented by James Turner, who is now running for ANC 1B09 (the boundaries changed a bit since last time.) The candidate is Emily Washington, who is running unopposed. Her answers are below.

The idea with these posts is that you can learn about who is running for the ANC in your area and if you'd like, be able to learn more about them via their websites or emails. The ANC advises the city council on local issues and also can issue grants, hold events, and approve or deny liquor licenses.

There's a map of all the ANCs here.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.
I've lived in DC for the past four years. Besides Columbia Heights I have lived in Takoma and Glover Park, and I can say that this is my favorite neighborhood in the city. I have been interested in urban policy since working as an intern at the City Planning Department in my hometown. Originally I am from western Colorado and first moved to the mid Atlantic to go to Goucher College outside of Baltimore. I then moved to DC to go to George Mason University for a M.A. in economics where I focused on urban economics. Currently I work in state policy research at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University.

I write for the blog Market Urbanism. My writing has appeared in USA Today, Economic Affairs, Christian Science Monitor, and The Daily Caller.

2. Why are you running for ANC?
I am running for ANC as a voice supportive of development in the District. I think that greater land use freedom is the best path toward both affordable housing and private sector job growth in the city.

3. What are the biggest issues confronting your district? 
In District 1B08, safety continues to be a concern. Additionally, a few sites in this neighborhood provide opportunities for new residential development, which could help in a small way to alleviate upward price pressure on our neighborhood's existing homes.

4. What do you think the ANC can do better?
I think that the ANC can do a better job of recognizing the positive contribution of new housing development as helping to address our affordable housing problem. Additionally, I think that our neighborhood could benefit from innovative parking policies, where street parking is priced according to demand, particularly for those parking in our neighborhood without residential permits.

5. What do you think the area needs more of?
Our neighborhood could support more retail and office development. In addition to serving as neighborhood amenities, these uses create jobs for residents and draw others to our neighborhood providing customers for existing restaurants and coffee shops.

6. One of the ANC's jobs is to regulate liquor licenses. What are your thoughts on these issues? 
I am not opposed to liquor licenses, but I do think that the restricted availability of liquor licenses in certain parts of the city leads to an overabundance of bars in other neighborhoods or overly crowded bars in underserved neighborhoods. Both of these situations can have negative consequences. One benefit of liquor licenses is that they make it profitable for restaurants to stay open later, providing foot traffic on our neighborhood's streets and improving safety in night hours.

Contact Info: Blog: My twitter is @ebwashington, and my email address is


  1. Liquor at night creates safe foot traffic? I think that is what you say at the end. I fail to see that at all.I see and hear drunk people at midnight and two am on 11th St on weekends - they yell and in general carry on like drunk college students. I hear a variety of anecdotal stories of robberies that frequently go unreported. More bars so under served areas can have bars that are not crowded? Fight for the right to party.

  2. I look forward to voting for Emily.


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