Friday, August 10, 2012

Z-Burger soft opening soon? They have a permit, but no sidewalk seating yet

Z-Burger may be coming to the Tivoli soon after all. PoP reports they're having a soft opening late next week. Wow! I was surprised since last we heard, they hadn't done any of the requirements to get their patio permit.

However, it turns out they do have a certificate of occupancy, which thanks to the city I found they got on August 7th. So it seems they can have people inside, just not outside.

Not sure when that will happen with the patio issue. Here are the details again about getting a sidewalk cafe:
Z Burger's application for a sidewalk cafe was approved contingent upon the following conditions (please note: this is not the specific language used by the committee, but a summation):

1) Z Burger will choose furniture that is more consistent with the furniture at other restaurants in the Columbia Heights Public Realm, subject to the approval of the Office of Planning. 
2) The layout of the sidewalk cafe as applied for by Z Burger will remain the same, except for the removal of a four-top table (the middle of the three tables to the left (west) of the granite bench) and the handicap four-top table adjacent will be shifted to the left (west), in the former table's place, allowing greater access to the granite bench. 
3) Z Burger will only have a fence that runs parallel to Park Rd. There will be no fence enclosing the bench or on either the east or west sides of the cafe.
And as far as the ANC knows, they haven't sent in their furniture to the city.

Well, at least we may be getting some indoor burgers soon! The place was rather impressive when I saw it.

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