Thursday, August 30, 2012

In case you missed it, Z-Burger is open in the Tivoli! Have you been?

At long last, Z-Burger is open in the Tivoli. I've walked by a few times and seen some decent crowds, although I haven't had a chance to eat there yet. Their also still working on getting a permit for a patio -- last I heard the company hadn't yet sent in the forms they need to the city, namely their choice of furniture. Hopefully soon.

So, have you been? It's already got 4 stars on Yelp, so that's a good sign. Here's their menu for more info -- not just burgers but also hot dogs and cheesesteaks. They also have tons of shakes and malts, which I am hungry for right now, and one of those Coke machines where you can choose what flavors you want. I like orange, personally.

Z-Burger is located at 3301 14th St NW, on the corner of 14th and Park, in the Tivoli theatre building.


Sumner said...

I swear it's Five Guys in disguise. It's good, but if you handed me a burger from each place, I would not know the difference...all the way down to the foil wrapped burgers, fries exploding out of the cup they come in, and plain white square napkins. They also were not serving shakes as a few days ago. Let's hope that changes. Food, for me, is a toss up with Five Guys, but I'm willing to give the shakes a chance.

Anonymous said...

Well duh its like Five Guys...its a mid-range burger place. Inside it looks real nice. Great hangover food; the soda machines are ridiculous and seem to go against God's will, but there you have it.

todd wiggins said...

Todd Wiggins

Beautiful job on the interior: See Video

Andrew W said...

Todd, that just goes to the home page, can you link to the video? Interested to see it. Thanks.