Friday, July 20, 2012

Small, white lost dog near 14th and Meridian -- is it yours?

Just received this from a reader. Does the dog sound familiar?
I saw what looked like a lost dog in the alley b/n Holmead and 14th just south of Meridian. I really don't know dogs, but he was small, white, terrier looking with no collar but pretty friendly and clearly a pet. Looked like the attached, which is just a pic off google and not one that I took of the dog, as it ran down the alley before I could snap one. A neighbor said it'd been there for the last 3 days. So - hope this helps the owner find it.
If this sounds familiar, email shani.arbel(at)gmail(dot)com. Note this isn't the dog, but it looks like it.


  1. Is this the dog?


  2. This looks like the same dog:


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