Monday, July 2, 2012

Sherman Avenue Streetscape project making progress, looking really nice

You may have noticed (or read) that Sherman Avenue is getting a facelift in our neighborhood: a new median with trees, nice sidewalks, curb cuts for buses and parking, and more. It's been difficult for awhile, as wide swaths of the street has been torn up for months, but sections are getting finished as progress is heading farther north.

I snapped this photo at about Sherman and Euclid, and it looks great. Just compare it to the before photo from Google Street View. Blech.

Here's the Streetscape project's website. They're up at about Harvard Street now and are working their way north, eventually getting to Newton Place near the Petworth Metro. However, it seems to be running behind schedule, the site says they'll be done July 8, but I don't see that happening.

Sherman Ave looking nice
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  1. for now. the neighborhood people haven't had a chance to drop their wrappers and other trash on it yet.


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