Monday, July 30, 2012

Help support a hiking trip for inner-city kids

Just got an email from Washington to Washington, a group organizing a hiking trip for inner-city kids. Davy Rothbart of NPR's This American Life is involved too, and they're looking for some help to bring as many kids as they can. Here's more:
This trip gives at-risk youth the chance to explore the country's most beautiful wilderness areas, a chance they otherwise might not have. It's called "Washington II Washington", taking kids from from Washington DC, Michigan, and New Orleans areas on a hike to Mt. Washington. For many of these children, its their first time leaving the city.
This year's hike kicks off next week, August 1st.
We've added more children to the roster, so our original fundraising goal of $6K has been expanded to $10K. (20 more children, at $200/per child). If you're able to forward our story and fundraising link to friends, colleagues, post on social media outlets and blogs, we're looking for even micro donations of $10 or $20. 
The link is 
To read more about the story and the children involved, visit 
Thank you again for your interest and support!

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