Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Beer Run: New Dodge Market at 14th and Spring

New Dodge Market It's been awhile since I've done a Beer Run, the series where I check out the selections and ambiance (or lack thereof, usually) of our local corner stores. You can see previous Beer Runs here.

This week I checked out the New Dodge Market at 3620 14th Street NW. It was kind of an interesting spot. They have a lot of candy in tiny bags near the front, plus random craft items like beads. The interior is pretty average  of corner stores, and they had a decent beer selection with some fancier stuff like Dogfish Head and the usual cheap stuff. The prices were fairly igh though, it was about $11.50 with tax for a 6 of Dogfish Head.

Here are the ratings:

Selection: 3 of 5, not bad for a small shop
Price: 2 of 5, pretty high.
Ambiance: 2 of 5, the guy was nice, and put up with some characters when I was there.

That comes out to a 7/15, which is about the middle of the road. So far D'Vines is the leader, but that's not really a fair fight. Bringing up the rear are the bizarre Carolina Market, with a 0/15, which I am convinced is a front for something, and the mercifully closed Chuck's Market.


  1. Its a little out of the way but Samber Market at Mt. Plesant and Lamont is really good. Great selection and best prices i've seen in DC

  2. it's called a bodega.

  3. I just came to comment that Samber Market on Mt. Pleasant is good, but I see Andrew Corcoran beat me to it. Seriously, though, they have a great selection of craft beers. Also, the people who work there are really nice. Once I was having a really bad day and the woman behind the counter snuck a york peppermint patty into my bag when I wasn't looking. When I got home and found it I almost cried. I love that lady.


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