Thursday, June 21, 2012

Another abandoned house gets fixed up: 13th and Otis

This warms my heart: an old abandoned house at 13th and Otis, that sat for years and used to have a hand-painted "FOR SALE" sign is today fixed up into nice condos -- check out the interior of one here. Above are the before and after shots.

Love seeing this kind of thing.


  1. the second pictures is a little washed out, so it's hard to tell how decent that pop-up is, but it seems to be in character. if so, nice!

  2. Yeah, true. I blame the iPhone. It's a lot nicer though, and the interior looks great on the "nice condos" link.

  3. Glad to see this house got rid of its Cat Aids.

  4. This house avoided the vacant property tax for over a decade -- saving owner over $100,000 in property taxes. Must have a good friend in city hall.


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