Wednesday, June 27, 2012

11th Street corner stores going (relatively) upscale

Sonya's getting fancy I've noticed something recently at a few corner stores around 11th and Girard -- they're getting fancier stuff. Sonya's at 11th and Columbia Harvard recently put up a sign for some new craft beers (see right) and is also selling some fancier snacks like Whole Foods-ish cookies, crackers, healthy bars and stuff like that.

The Fairmont Market, at 11th and Fairmont, also has signs up for Goose Island beers, but I haven't noticed too much new in the way of fancier food.

This comes about a year after the 13th Street Market at 13th and Otis got a complete makeover with new floors, nice shelves, lots of wine and even a coffee shop. Nothing that drastic for Sonya's or Fairmont, but you never know -- as the market builds for higher quality stuff, we may see fewer male virility pills and more organic granola bars in the windows. Maybe even less bulletproof glass.


  1. Minor edit: Sonya's is at 11 & Harvard.

  2. Sonya's Market is the reason my house has such a good walk score (Grocery store <.1 mile away), but I've never been there. Time to check it out.

  3. Cool. I wouldn't say it's nice, but they are definitely improving.

  4. Corner store on Georgia and Gresham just got a minor remodel. It's still not great, but it's a lot better than it was before.

  5. Sonya's is a great addition to this part of the neighborhood, albeit overpriced and still lacking some essentials. I noticed that feature on walk score as well. Surprising to see they counted it as a full-on grocery store.

    Stop-and-go Market on Sherman and Columbia has a LONG way to go. It's had some improvements as of late. Although, I recently saw expired Pop-Tarts on it's shelf for example; how Pop-Tarts sit there long enough to expire is beyond me...


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