Thursday, May 24, 2012

Did you know? DC has a voting congressman, and his name is Trent Franks

Hooray! We finally have a voting rep in Congress. Meet Trent Franks of Phoenix, Arizona.

Ok, not really. Franks is in the news lately because he wrote a bill banning abortion in DC after 20 weeks -- just DC. And then he wouldn't let DC's non-voting rep in Congress, Eleanor Holmes-Norton, testify about it. That's pretty absurd -- one, that he writes a law about a place he doesn't represent, and two, he doesn't let someone who actually represents that area testify about it. It makes a mockery of Congress and of democracy. (Or to put it less charitably, it's absolute bullshit.)

So DC Vote, the group that advocates for DC voting rights, launched a clever protest. Since Franks is now representing DC's interests, DC residents (his constituents) can go to him with their problems. A bunch of people crowded around his office on Wednesday to complain about things like funding for Metro and for potholes.

Of course, Franks wasn't amused, he locked his door and didn't talk to anybody. DC Vote has more pictures here.

I know this isn't specific to Columbia Heights, but to me, it's important since it affects all of us as residents of DC. We don't really have anybody to go to with constituent issues, and we don't have the full rights that every other American citizen does. We don't have a vote in Congress, despite paying taxes like everybody else. Obviously I think this is wrong. 

If you agree, check out And if you are a resident of another state, contact your actual Member of Congress and your Senator! And why not have friends and relatives do the same? It's only going to happen if other Americans make the push to get us representation.

From DC Vote's Twitter

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  1. Love it--thanks for the post! Rep. Franks really cannot get away with using DC as his whipping boy. Or whipping women, in this case. Totally unacceptable.


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