Monday, May 21, 2012

"Clean Teams," groups of workers to clean up the area, return to Ward 1

Just saw this on the various local listserves from Ward 1 Councilman Jim Graham -- Clean Teams are going to be working in and around our neighborhood.

According to the city, the Clean Teams "1) maintain commercial corridors; 2) enhance litter clean-up efforts through the removal of debris from streets, sidewalks and storefronts, and 3) the removal of graffiti and illegal sign postings within the designated clean team service-delivery area; 4) contribute to the beautification services and, 5) help create healthy, vibrant and safe commercial corridors."

Sounds good to me.
I am pleased to announce the Ward One Clean Teams will soon be back in full force in many of our neighborhoods - - covering a total 38 blocks throughout the Ward. I worked hard to get the funding back into place for this important service. I want to thank Mayor Vincent Gray, Chairman Kwame Brown, and Harold Pettigrew, Director of the Department of Small and Local Business Development for their help in re-establishing Clean Teams. 
We have missed these services - - and value this work in our neighborhoods.
We are giving people a chance to rebuild their lives with jobs, while fulfilling this useful purpose. Charlie Whittaker successfully competed for this contract, and again has the supervision of this service. His able services are much appreciated. 
Please look for Clean Team members in the neighborhoods below starting in the next few weeks. (Adams Morgan has had no lapse in their green team cleanups, due to a different source of funding, part private and part DC gov.) 
* Georgia Avenue-Georgia Avenue, NW from Irving Street, NW to New Hampshire Avenue, NW (Node 1, Pleasant Plains : Petworth, (10 linear blocks);
* U Street-U Street, NW from 9th to 14th Streets; and the northside from 14th to 17th Streets, NW (6.5 linear blocks);
* 14th Street MidCity-14th Street, NW from S Street, NW to Florida Avenue, NW (5 linear blocks);
* 14th Street Columbia Heights-14th Street, NW from Columbia Road, NW to Spring Road , NW; and Park Road, NW from 14th Street, NW to Hiatt Place, NW (11 linear blocks)
* 11th Street-11th Street, NW from Kenyon to Monroe Streets, NW(3 linear blocks)
* Mt. Pleasant- Mount Pleasant Street from 16th Street, NW to Park Road, NW (3 linear blocks) 
Bests, Councilmember Jim Graham

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