Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sleepy's mattress shop is now open in the Nash's space

The spot that housed Nash's Sporting Goods, the small local chain that closed a few months ago in the Tivoli building on 14th, is now filled. Sleepy's, the mattress chain, has opened there.

I'm pretty surprised at this: there is already a Mattress Discounters in DCUSA on Park Road, and now there's another mattress store about a block away? Is there really that big a market for mattresses? And I'm also surprised that the Mattress Discounters and the Vitamin Shoppe have managed to stay in business, anyway.

I guess it's good it's not a vacant spot, but this is strange to me.

Your thoughts?


  1. I'm surprised, too. Mattresses seem like the sort of low-traffic businesses that rely more on excellent sales staff instead of drawing in the crowds walking by. Places like that are usually better suited for suburban malls that have lower rents.

  2. Lots of grouphouses, students and transient workers in the hood.

    The real mystery is how the Vitamin Shoppe can survive with not a SINGLE customer ever seen in the store. :D :D

  3. I asked myself the same question and then thought of the adage: the best place to build a Burger King is across the street from a McDonald's


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