Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New restaurant Maple has picked a concept; or, concepts

You may recall Maple, the new restaurant coming to 3418 11th Street, which used a new website called Popularise to solicit ideas from the public for what they should serve.

While cheesily-written, some of the ideas were good, like panini and a wood-fired grill, while some were dumb: two different suggestions for a French bakery got 10 votes, despite the fact that Le Caprice just opened about 2 blocks away.

But the owners have chosen their concepts: the top two vote-getters wood-fired grill and sandwiches & panini, plus bruschetta, which was 4th. The third-place vote-getter, fancy grilled cheese sandwiches, didn't make the cut.

Here's what owners Eric Gronning and Lori Robertson had to say:
Thanks to the Popularise community for your feedback! Maple is set to open in late March, and we are grateful to everyone who gave us their input as we fine-tuned our plans. 
Our cozy restaurant and bar will serve Italian and modern American food, with panini and bruschetta playing starring roles. (Don’t worry grilled cheese fans, we heard you and we’ve got you covered – how about a three-cheese panini with toasted walnuts and pesto?) We’ll also feature a few pasta specials, and we plan to have the grill up and running for the summer grilling season! 
Your request for late kitchen hours was duly noted: Our kitchen will be open until 11 p.m. during the week and Midnight on the weekend. We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you all at Maple!
I don't think they're open yet though, despite the note. You can read more here.

UPDATE: It's open now!


  1. Looks like they opened last night (the 3rd). I was coming home from work last night and noticed a full crowd.

  2. They were doing business on Sunday afternoon - maybe it was just a soft opening but they looked very open. Welcome to the neighborhood, Maple!

  3. They opened on Sunday. I went last night, and I loved it! The food was excellent, and they have a great selection of wine, grappa, beers, other spirits. It's got a really nice vibe too. Everyone should check it out!

  4. I tried it out and I thought it was fantastic. The space is beautiful, we had two bruscetta, a salad, and the lamb pasta special, all of which were outstanding. My only critique was that the bruscetta are a bit on the small size for their price, either make them larger or charge a little less per piece. But the caliber of the food was top notch (which frankly surprised me given that design seemed to be of more interest than cuisine in the development of this place), and the atmosphere is simple, but beautiful. Excellent, albeit pricey, wine selection as well.

    Joins Room 11 as the two places that have really upped the ante in terms of quality of food and atmosphere for CH restaurants.

  5. we only had time for a quick bite so we got the caprice salad that was on special. prob the best buff mozz this side of the Atlantic i have ever tasted. i wish we had time to try more but we will be back for sure.
    ...oh the service was lovely as well.


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