Thursday, March 1, 2012

Online hip-hop radio station (and webcam) broadcast from Georgia Avenue

The other day, I noticed the Listen Vision audio and video recording studio on Georgia Avenue between Euclid and Fairmont, next to Mama Chuy's. They offer recording, mastering, and production, but what caught my eye was a sign in the window for their online radio station.

They call it WLVS, and it broadcasts local and national hip-hop and go-go. They have a broadcast schedule, but it seems they broadcast at other times too -- I'm listening to it now, for example. You can listen here.

Something else that's cool is that they also broadcast a webcam pointing towards the entrance to Howard University along with the radio, so you can watch what's going on while listening. There's also a music video library on their site and a lot more.

According to their site, they've been around since 1998, and people like Redman, KRS-One, T-Pain and Wynton Marsalis have recorded there, which is pretty cool.

So check them out if you're a hip-hop or go-go fan!

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