Wednesday, March 21, 2012

700 people attend anti-gay hate crimes march in the neighborhood

Last week, we learned that MPD called the shooting in IHOP last Sunday morning was an anti-gay attack, and there was another attack at Georgia and Irving that was also classified as anti-gay. That, combined with other attacks against transgender people, led some local residents to organize a silent solidarity march in the neighborhood past the attack locations.

The march, organized mainly on Facebook, was last night and drew about 700 people, according to DCist's report on it. MPD Chief Cathy Lanier attended, as did councilmembers Jim Graham, Muriel Bowser and Michael A. Brown. There are more photos here, and the Washington Blade has a thorough article here.

Let's hope this kind of action works, the awareness of these issues increase, and the crimes themselves decrease.

And here's Chief Lanier talking to the rally outside the IHOP:


  1. Thank you, NCH for covering this march! Any mention of the attack, the march, etc. are conspicuously missing from Prince of Petworth.

  2. Hmm?

    POP posted re attacks on March 16th (Title "CM Jim Graham Responds to Hate Crimes at IHOP Shooting and Assault on Georgia Ave")

    POP posted an announcement about the march encouraging people to go yesterday ... "Silent March for Victims of GLBT Violence Tonight"

    Either way thanks for covering the March here as well!

  3. My bad. Thanks, Dave! Glad to see the coverage on POP and NCH.

    - An avid reader and fan of both blogs!


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