Monday, February 13, 2012

New hardware store open in Petworth: Annie's on Upshur

While it's not in Columbia Heights, this still may be of use to folks in northern parts of the hood: Annie's Ace Hardware is now open at 1240 Upshur Street NW. It looks to be pretty darn big -- 6,500 square feet.

Park View DC has a preview of the shop, and the Post writes about it too. They don't have a website that I can find, but they do have a Facebook page and Twitter.

Of course, there are already some hardware options closer to our area: Old School Hardware at 3219 Mt. Pleasant Street NW and Cooper Hardware at 3459 14th Street NW. Old School even has online ordering and a blog.


~michael said...

Fantastic store at Annie's! A pleasure to be an Annie's customer > DEPOT.

-disappointred dude who just wanted to fix his sink said...

Tell me you're kidding - Cooper's hardware has been boarded up for more than a year. Not exactly a good option for a nearby hardware store. Looking forward to this new place.

Andrew W said...

I don't know if it's been that long, I bought some weather stripping there.