Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Room 11 is expanding! Taking over next door space

Looks like you'll have more opportunities for wine, cocktails, and tasty morsels: Room 11, the nice little spot at 11th and Lamont, will be taking over the next door space. Co-owner Paul Ruppert sent this to me today:
The owners of Room 11 (Ben Gilligan, Nick Pimentel, Paul Ruppert and Dan Searing) are pleased to announce they have signed a lease to take over the adjoining storefront at 3232 11th St NW, formerly Jeans 'N' Things. Construction will begin soon and the projected completion date is early summer. "The only regular complaint we get is that there are not enough seats" says Searing, "so we are looking forward to having more room to serve our loyal guests."
I hear from staff that there will be expanded kitchen space as well, and maybe even day operations, though I don't have more details on that.

This goes along with their new Sunday brunch options, so it looks like they're ramping up. Nice to see. I am a big fan of Room 11. I hope they don't lose the coziness they have, but I doubt they would.

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