Friday, January 13, 2012

Review of Dynasty Ethiopian restaurant on 14th: pretty good

Dynasty Ethiopian I'm a fan of Ethiopian food, but with the unfortunate demise of Tegeste up 14th, there weren't many options in the neighborhood for it. With that in mind, a friend and I went to check out Dynasty, the Ethiopian spot at 2210 14th Street NW, near Florida Avenue. It's not amazing, but it was pretty tasty.

When we walked in at about 8 pm, there was only one other table with people, a group of Ethiopian men. There was a stage set up to one side and sparse decor, similar to Tegeste's interior sparseness, and a bar in the corner.

We ordered zilzil (beef) tibs as a starter, which was a little chewy and subtly flavored, but good. Then for entrees we got the vegetarian platter and chef's special lamb tibs. The vegetarian platter also wasn't as strongly flavored as other places, but definitely wasn't bland -- lots of good veggies and lentils. The chef's special was also good and with a little spice, we both ate it hungrily. The menu is medium-sized, but had everything we'd assume an Ethiopian place would have.

The waitstaff was friendly and they also had Ethiopian beer available, like St. George and Harar. And it was pretty inexpensive, for both of us it was about $30. Can't beat that.

So while I still prefer Tegeste, Dynasty is a good option for local Ethiopian food. They also had signs for live music, which could be interesting.

Dynasty is at 2210 14th Street NW. Here's their Yelp page.

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  1. I live right around the corner and I have never seen an actual diner inside the restaurant since it opened. I always wondered how they stay open or why they opened what must be the 37th Ethiopian restaurant within a 5 block radius.


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