Friday, January 27, 2012

People's Noodle Bar now open Monday-Saturday; Senor Chicken is closed

People's Noodle (Ramen in Columbia Heights) Ramen fans, you are in luck. People's Noodle Bar, the pop-up ramen shop that took over Senor Chicken on Saturday evenings, is now open Monday-Saturday from 5 to 9:30 pm. And along with this, Senor Chicken is now closed indefinitely, so it's ramen only.

Chef Peter He tells DCist that they're going to convert Senor Chicken to People's Noodle Bar, and this is a step along the way.

I interviewed Peter a few months ago and also visited the place -- pretty darn tasty. It's not the ramen you may think of from the packets, it's good noodles, pork, veggies or duck skin, and fresh herbs. The pork is Berkshire pork and other ingredients are from local farmers.

I'm happy for them, and also glad to see another good food spot open -- plus Senor Chicken never seemed to have many customers.

You can follow People's on Twitter. They're located on the Park Road side of DCUSA, just west of 14th Street.

Photo by Justin Grimes


  1. Not worth the money, uncooked egg, broth lacks flavor, partially cooked ramen and they ran out of half the menu.

    I will give them the benefit of the doubt that it is growing pains, but if I go back and it is the same then I will never go back. Get your stuff in order People's Noodle Bar!!

  2. Realizing that ramen and pho are two different dishes... any thoughts on the ability of two Asian "noodle soup" spots both succeeding on the same block? (ref Pho 14)

    I'm happy with them both, just hoping we're not going to watch another business quickly come and go in the neighborhood!

  3. this sucks! I love(d) Senor Chicken.
    I feel like it's my fault for not eating there enough.
    ...seriously the only thing that compares is Crisp and Juicy and that is all the way in Tenleytown.

    damn...i am very sad right now!~~~

  4. Went last week. Very, very disappointed in the food. Broth had no flavor and was super oily. Hopefully they'll get their act together soon or bring Senor Chicken back!

  5. I went there a couple of days ago again. It looks like they completely changed menu! Now they have just 2 broth, chicken and vegetarian. The pork broth they had was awesome, but the chicken broth was good too. I had duck ramen, there was a lot of duck. That made the day. On the other hand, there were also a lot of other things like bean sprouts, egg, and etc., too many in my opinion. The broth tasted really good until I start blending everything in, diluting the broth.

  6. We went there on yesterday. We went last Saturday and were told they ran out of food. The noodles were pretty good. Great presentation, quick speed (on a Monday night), and the pork was good. They would benefit from some decorations.

  7. I go there just about every other day. I think they menu this week is the best so far. The food is always pretty fast for me. It might be because I go early. Having lived in Japan for 18 months, their ramen is pretty good. I can tell they a lot of good stuff in there.


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