Friday, January 6, 2012

French bakery Le Caprice now open at 14th and Newton

Those of you clamoring for a bakery, check this out: Le Caprice, a new French bakery, is now open at 3460 14th Street NW, in the Allegro building.

Washingtonian has an early look at the spot: it's owned by Manijeh Erfani, who in the past ran a bakery in northern France, attended culinary school, and moved to the US with her husband to open a French bakery.

There will be baguettes, baked twice a day, seasonal specialties, and lots of pastries like pains au chocolat, croissants, and move. Everything is made in the shop aside from bagels. They're trying out different kinds of coffee, and there will also be salads, French sandwiches, croque monsieurs and the like for lunch. They also do catering.

They have a mouth-watering photo gallery too, and Yelpers like them so far.

Sounds awesome, I hope to check it out soon.


  1. A question for your blog -- earlier on this beautiful day at Meridian/Malcolm Park, there were hipsters skateboarding in the beautiful fountain, and two football games going on in front of the "No Team Sports" signs.

    Is there a number to call to report seeing stuff like this, and does the Park Service respond? It's a shame to see this park come back after years of suffering, only to be ruined by a new generation of privileged yupsters.

  2. I guess you could call the park police.

  3. Ya, I'd much rather prefer people shooting up heroin in broad daylight followed by your occasional stabbing...If you are really concerned I echo calling the park police.

    I understand team sports being a burden if it takes up the whole park but what constitutes a "priviliged yupster"?

  4. So the second part of the question is, do they respond?

  5. I came to have a look on Saturday, I didn't see what is French there, looks like a real American bakery for me. No bread at all at 1pm, and their croissants looked like bad American versions. The pains au chocolat looked good tho. Ok I still have to taste to really judge, but I already miss the bakery from the community market, they have the best croissants/pains au chocolat. All these 5 stars on Yelp sound a bit overrated for me so far.

  6. Guillaume, I say try them out first. They are French and ran a bakery there, and everybody I've talked to who went there loves it.

  7. Guillaume, dissing the place and didn't even try it? Pardon my French, but you're a douche.

  8. Dear Anonymous,

    where did you see that I'm dissing the place? I just said that I didn't see a lot of French stuff when I came in the first time. It's not that I am criticizing American bakery, but if I recommend you a Japanese restaurant and they essentially serve a lot of burgers, even if the burgers are the best you ever had, you'll be a little bit disappointed, won't you?

    That's all I said, I judged the offer and the look of the products, which is important as well, and I couldn't try their baking the first time because at 1pm, there was no bread anymore (probably the success of the opening).

    But then I came back, tried croissant and pain au chocolat. Croissant was really dry, the pain au chocolat was good. So I'm not saying they're bad, but I like so much the bakery from the Community Market that I am looking forward to them to be back.

    That's all I said, then, I think you overreacted a little. And there is no need to be insulting. Thank you.

  9. Salut Guillaume;
    Where is the Community market located?

  10. I am guessing he means the one at the Civic Plaza, 14/Park/Kenyon. It opens again on May 12. Lots more on it, and others, here


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