Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Watch out for scammers at Giant and around the neighborhood

Just spotted this on the MPD 3d Listserve (which is a good resource if you haven't joined):
Some months ago, I was scammed out of nineteen dollars by a bill-switching scammer in the CH Giant. He asked for a twenty in exchange for two tens, then claimed that I had given him a one-dollar bill, not a twenty. Only later did I realize that he had palmed my twenty and switched it with a one-dollar bill. 
A similar thing might have happened to me today, I'm not sure. After being asked for the same exchange -- a twenty, for two tens -- the guy started to protest that I hadn't given him -- well, it's not certain, but I reacted pretty strongly to what appeared to me to be the same bill-switching scam. Then he said that I had indeed given him a twenty, but he had asked for twenty ones, not a twenty-dollar bill. (Not very likely, I think.) 
I wonder if this bill-switching scam is going around 3D. Is this something that we should all be on the alert for?
I've noticed this before elsewhere, but still worth being careful when people ask for change. 


  1. considering others' experiences, I think $19 for a life lesson isn't so bad.

  2. "Sorry, I don't have any change."

    Someone who actually needs change can presumably get it inside the store or at a nearby business.

  3. If they need change that badly they can go inside and either ask for it or go buy a pack of gum and get it.

  4. Having been robbed once in the past under these circumstances (thief grabbed my wallet and ran when I looked to see if I had change), I never take out and open my wallet on the street anymore. Like Anonymous above said, it's "Sorry, no change."

  5. The scammer didn't even ask for change-- he asked for a $20 in return for two tens. Why would anyone need to "consolidate" their cash that way anyway?

    Thanks for the heads up, though, it's a good reminder. Previous posters have it right-- you're not a merchant, so don't make change.

  6. Agree with the previous comment. That's not change. That's consolidation. Worth a second thought under any circumstances.

  7. With all due respect - what kind of dumbass doofus falls for
    something like that? I guess the same kind of dumbass doofus who actually entertains such a request.

  8. Hahahaha.... man, can you change a $20?

  9. Things are too dangerous nowadays to get involved with a stranger on the street. I would just say "I can't do it" and walk away.

    Sadly, this is just the state of the nation in cities like DC. "Dorothy, your not in Kansas any more."


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