Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Street Booze: pony beer bottle at Georgia and Harvard

Street booze

Spotted this Street Booze on Georgia Avenue near Harvard, it's a pony-sized bottle of Heineken. I guess there are some times when a full, 12-ounce bottle is just too much, you need 7 or 8. Hopefully not while working on the construction next door, however.

As for the small bottles, I haven't been able to find much about them. Rolling Rock was known for their pony bottles, also called nips or other nicknames (the small booze bottles you get on airplanes are also called nips), and Corona has them too, labeled as Coronita. There are pony kegs too, a kind of small keg. Aside from this blog post, I got nuttin. Wikipedia had nothing on the subject until I added a small blurb. If you know more about the pony bottles, let us know in the comments!

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