Wednesday, December 7, 2011

National Symphony Orchestra comes to Columbia Heights: Jan 3-9, tons of events and concerts

This is really neat: the National Symphony Orchestra chose Columbia Heights for their NSO in Your Neighborhood program. They'll be coming to the neighborhood, performing numerous times, meeting with local groups, teaching and presenting to school kids, and a lot more. It's a really great program and we're lucky to get a world-class orchestra in our neighborhood.

 The NSO has been talking to local organizations, schools and businesses for some time, getting ideas for what to do, and now they're ready. See below for more on what they're doing -- lots of concerts! There's a big public concert at the Columbia Heights Education Campus (16th and Irving) on Jan. 6 at 7 pm.


"Please share the following link that will register those who would like to reserve tickets for the events which require tickets. If you have already requested tickets through an email to Warren do not register again through EventBrite."

1112_PMD_NSO_IYN_8-5x11 NSO IYN Brochure Use

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  1. Ok folks, the NSO for free in our neighborhood. Get off your bar stools and raise your cultural IQ. Oh wait, they'll be performing in some of the bars. Stick around and be amazed.


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