Monday, December 12, 2011

Mama Chuy, new Mexican place on Georgia, is now open

Well, this is a surprise! Mama Chuy, the "modern Mexican taqueria" on Georgia I wrote about in May, is now open. The place is run by a brother and sister, they'll have patio seating (although I would assume not in winter), and are using recipes passed down from the restaurant's namesake, their grandma.

Looks like Twitter folks are abuzz with positive things to say about the spot. I hope to go there soon.

They had been hoping to open in June, but later is better than never!

The picture above is from Google Street View, they're in the place with the red, white and green awning, which used to be the Philadelphia Water Ice Co. They're located at 2620 Georgia Avenue NW, just north of Fairmont. Here's their blog.

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