Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DDOT fixing unclear/wrong parking signs on Columbia & 11th

You may remember last week, when a resident on Kenyon wrote in complaining about parking signs being wrong on his street -- they said to park on the opposite side during street sweeping, and he and his neighbors did, only to get ticketed.

I sent it to DDOT's Twitter, and it looks like that helped. Twitter user misscaterina reported last night that workers were removing the signs around 11th and Columbia, but hadn't yet replaced them.

I'm following up to see what else is getting changed and what the replacement signs will be. Just goes to show you that raising an issue with the city can sometimes get fixed quickly!

Here's more from DDOT's Twitter: "If we're talking about the same signs, they were installed 2 match the street sweeping signs. As you know, there's no street sweeping in the winter, so we are removing the signs which have caused some confusion. We will be reworking them with @DCDPW"

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