Monday, December 19, 2011

At-large council member parks illegally on 13th

Yeah, this is sort of like "dog bites man" -- on Saturday I spotted this Jeep with DC Council At-Large plates parked illegally on 13th Street at Girard (you can click it for a bigger version.)

Not sure who it was, but there are four possible culprits: Kwame Brown (who has had his own SUV problems), Phil Mendlson, David Catania, Michael Brown, or Vincent Orange. I don't think it's Kwame, as he was driving a mail truck after the big scandal from his previous ride.

As you can see, the car is almost totally past the No Parking sign and outside the painted box. It also has Redskins and Under Armour decals on it. There weren't any tickets on it when I saw it.

UPDATE: A tipster says they think it's Michael Brown.


  1. Minor correction - Kwame Brown is Council Chair not an at-large member. You are missing Phil Mendelshon from your list of At-Large members. For some reason I doubt that he drives an SUV....

  2. Next time call 311 and report it to parking enforcement as well.

    ...One thing DC does well is parking enforcement.

  3. Anon #1, good point, thanks.

    And Anon #2, also a good point. Will do that next time.

  4. who the hell cares? he isnt blocking a ramp or crosswalk. i see no fire hydrant near by. councilmembers can pretty much park where they want save for a few places.

    my recommendation? get a hobby. feed the homeless, help around the house. ANYTHING.

  5. Wait, you will call out some dudes posting innocent comments on a blog, but you defend a Member of the City Council is breaking the law. Sounds bass ackwards to me.

  6. Well actually, DC law is that if you have a resident parking permit you can park outside the posted parking as long as you are 40 feet from an intersection. It pays to know the rules.

  7. Last anon, I've never heard that, do you have a link or quote?

    And in this case, the car definitely was less than 40 feet from an intersection, so that law wouldn't apply.

    And Anon #3 -- this is my hobby.

  8. The "40 feet" references a little known caveat that was introduced in the late 90's in specific, high-density, oversubscribed residential neighborhoods and is only valid from 10:30p - 6:30a (IIRC) within those rarely-disclosed boundaries. It's a pleasant notion in as an after-the-fact gesture where zoning regs weren't strictly enforced.

    Of course there are many problems with this: Rarely will you find such a situation where there's more than 40 feet of curb space (plus the length of your vehicle); DPW doesn't care; MPD doesn't care (when they ticket); Adjudication Services will regularly fail to accommodate this when you fight the ticket via mail-in/web.

    So yeah, Anonymous poster, have at it.


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