Friday, December 9, 2011

14th and Girard gang members indicted for killings, other crimes

While I don't usually write about crime on this blog, here's something of interest: members of a gang based at 14th and Girard Streets NW were just indicted for 80 crimes including three killings, one of which was in the neighborhood. Let's hope they go to jail for a long, long time (assuming, of course, they are guilty.)

There were a total of seven men indicted, ranging from 19 to 24 years old, who were allegedly part of the 14th and Girard gang, also called G-Rod or the Cut Crew. Two of the men were already in jail, two more were arrested Monday, another is in custody, and police are still looking for Marcellus Jackson, 23; Keir Johnson, 21. Here's more from the Post:
According to the 80-count indictment, members of the 14th and Girard gang, also known as G-Rod, 1-4 and the Cut Crew, were responsible for a series of attacks including three slayings; the Jan. 9, 2009 fatal shooting of Paul Jones, 17, in the 1300 block of Columbia Road NW; the Aug. 11, 2010 fatal shooting of Sean Robinson, 19, in the 2500 block of 17th and Euclid Streets NW and the Sept. 28, 2010 fatal shooting of Jamal Coates, 21, in the 1300 block of U Street NW. Coates had attended the funeral of Columbia Heights resident Ashley McRae, 21.
Last summer, Damon Sams, 21, ofthe District pled guilty to involuntary  manslaughter for accidentally shooting McRae in the forehead while trying to put the safety on the gun he was holding. He and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.
Authorities said the three male victims, Jones, Robinson and Coates, were allegedly members of rival gangs. Officials say the gangs had a long history of terrorizing the neighborhoods.
MPD officials and councilman Jim Graham said they hope the indictments help end gang violence in the neighborhood.

Jamal Coates, one of the victims, was killed while attending the funeral of his cousin, McRae. Former Ward 1 council candidate Bryan Weaver had known Coates for a long time, and was working with him through a foundation he helps run, Hoops Sagrado. Weaver said Coates had started trying to turn his life around, and others said he had tried to calm down people during a confrontation at the funeral, the confrontation that led to his death.


  1. While this is great news....there's still a LONG way to go to rid the neighborhood of the thieving little local savages

  2. Well, the cops really need to stop looking the other way. I swear, I've seen it so blatant my jaw hit the ground.

  3. i was shocked some kids were smoking a joint/blunt right outside of the CVS on 14th and Irving. I mean i guess they aren't harming anyone but it just seemed very brazen to me.

    maybe my expectations are small town ohio still, i don't know. i can't believe the policing is so lax that these kids felt confident they could do that out in the open.


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