Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What to do with old magazines?

Recently I got a good question from a reader: what can you do with old magazines in the neighborhood? Is there any place where people can donate them -- a school, organization, tutoring group or anything? Maybe for crafts or for reading. If you know of any, ideally in the neighborhood, post it in the comments!


joe said...

I had to Google this strange term you used, and this is the best I could come up with:

mag·a·zine [mag-uh-zeen, mag-uh-zeen]
1. Things you read on the internet last month printed on paper and bound together.

Anonymous said...

The National Community of the Arts - at 1031 Park Rd can turn them into collages.

Anonymous said...

I always offer mine for free on craigslist, and I always get takers! I have given them to collage-makers, teachers, or just avid readers.

Teresa Crawford said...

West Education Campus (14th and Farragut) will take them if they are things the kids could use for class projects - National Geographic, Cooking, Travel, Smithsonian, Science - anything with an education link. Social studies classes appreciate them and the little kids cut them up for art.

Anonymous said...

They'd be welcome at a local health clinic as people waiting often have to wait for a really long time and would appreciate something to do to pass the time. Try the Cardozo health clinic on 14th.